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- 20 March 2020 -

The Board of the 35th Bètabanenmarkt would like to thank all the participants and its partners for a very succesful 35th edition on March 13 2019. 

We hope you made some useful connections, broadend your horizon and most of all had a day that was just as amazing as ours. Stay tuned for the photos!


Interested in organizing the 36th Bètabanenmarkt? Send your motivation and resumé to sollicitaties@betabanenmarkt.nl!


The ideal surrounding for you to come in contact with various companies. Network, orientate and find your ideal future job and company!


Want to learn some new practical skills? Or simply need to be inspired. Participate in one of our diverse workshops aimed at every type of student!


Already have an idea what you want? Or looking for an opportunity? Use our speeddate service for a personal conversation with a company!

Science Career Service

Leiden University’s Career Service can provide the answers to most of the questions you might have about your career, your personal profile and the job market or reflect on your CV together on our market.

The goodie of the 35th BBM!

These socks are designed to complete your look. If you would like to have these socks. You can sign up and come to the Science Career Event. You get these socks for free in your goodie bag. See you at the Science Career Event! (LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE)

The Event

At the Science Career Event we present the possibility for personal contact between students and companies through speeddates, to engage with one another through workshops and engage in both informative conversation at the Company Fair. Furthermore, there is the opportunity for informal networking during the drinks after the event.