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About Bètabanenmarkt

“Stichting Bètabanenmarkt” is a non-profit organization. Our mission foundation is to bring the students of Leiden University and Leiden University of Applied Sciences closer to the Dutch Science companies, by organizing a career event. Therefore, our career event is called the Bètabanenmarkt, as it focusses on the science students of the university and the university of Applied Sciences.

Supervisory Board

The board of the Bètabanenmarkt foundation is guided by a Supervisory Board, consisting of old Board Members:

Magnus Leus
Maxime Heezen
Remi Baar
Florentine Maas
Daan Otto
Dominique Vis
Sanne Grevink
Carmen de Nier
Jorn Ticheler
Nick Tijsterman
Stan Bongers
Michiel Otte


We’d like to cooperate with you to create more diverse events for all science students.

Please feel free to contact us!