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Board History

The Foundation

“Stichting Bètabanenmarkt” is a non-profit organization. The mission of the foundation is to bring the students of Leiden University closer to the Dutch Science companies, by organizing a career event.

Our career event is called the Bètabanenmarkt, as it focusses on the science students of the university. This year the 35th edition of the fast-growing career event will take place. The expectation is that over more than 60 organizations and 1400 students will be at the event.

The board of the Science Career Event changes each year and consists of seven students with different backgrounds, studies and ideas to ensure a diverse event that is valuable for all bètastudents, alumni and starters from Leiden university.

35th Board

Ilse Rosmolen President
Magnus Leus Secretary
Tim Hensen Treasurer
Mathijs Guijt BSPE & Acquisition
Linda Li Logistics
Stephan van der Putten Promotion
Carli Koster Vice-President & IT

Previous Boards

34th Board

Sanne Grevink President
Bas Schaalje Secretary
Auke Perenboom Treasurer
Ilse Rosmolen BSP & Acquisition
Youri van Nies Logistics
Ha-lan Tran Vice-President & Promotion
Andries Reurink IT

33rd Board

Marieke Vinkenoog President
Dominique Vis Secretary
Stefan Brandt Treasurer
Marlize van den Breugel BSP & Acquisition
Carmen de Nier Logistics
Kevin Oost Promotion & IT

32nd Board

Thomas Helling President
Tessa Schillemans Secretary
Maxime Heezen Treasurer
Tamara van Donge BSP
José Matamoros Luna Vice-President & Logistics
Jelle Hockx Promotion & IT
Isabelle van der Graaf External Activities

31st Board

Remi Baar President
Kelly 't Hart Secretary
Bernard van den Boom Treasurer
Didjay Bruggeman Vice-President & BSP
Daan Brocken Logistics
Lianne Huitema Promotion
Marjolein van Vliet External Activities

30th Board

Joost Verhoeks President
Elleke Peterse Secretary
Rogier Verlinden Treasurer
Raise Rudge BSP
Lina Kan Logistics
Norman van Rhijn Promotie
Erik Soelaasana Vice-President & IT

29th Board

Esmee Kok President
Sandra Wiegeman Secretary
Bryan van Woensel Treasurer
Joël de Jager Vice-President
Luuk van Oosten Logistics
Marieke Loef Promotion
Tim Groen IT