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Board interest

Apply now for the Bètabanenmarkt Foundation board 2022!


You can now apply to be a part of Bètabanenmarkt Foundation board 2022!

Do you have board interest for the Bètabanenmarkt Foundation? Would you like to gain experience by organizing a major career event? Then apply before April 22 for one of our board positions.


What can you expect:

+ Part-time board (15-20 hours per week)

+ Close collaboration with fellow students and the faculties

+ Self-development

+ A wide network

The Bètabanenmarkt board organizes the largest career event in Leiden every year. In addition, organizing the annual Bio Science Park Excursion also falls within the duties of the board. The board preferably consists of 7 students from different study associations. Most of the tasks are divided amongst the board, each board member has a specific task for which they are responsible.



- Chairperson

- Secretary

- Treasurer

- Commissioner of Bio Science Park

- Commissioner of Logistics

- Commissioner of Promotion

- Commissioner of IT

Functions to be shared among the 7 members:

- Vice Chairperson

- Commissioner of Acquisition


Do you have a question or do you want to apply? Send a motivation letter and resume to info@betabanenmarkt.nl


More information can be found here: PDF