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The Leiden Science Career Event

The Leiden Science Career Event is an annual event organised with the goal of bringing student and company in touch with each other. This is done in the Gorlaeus Laboratories during 1 day in March by using stands, workshops, and speeddates. In 2018 over 1200 students and over 55 companies attended the event. This number of students skyrocketed by over 300% in the last 5 years. Attending students come from various fields and different levels. This way, you can come in contact with bachelor-, master- and PhD students, as well as hbo, all in one day.


During the career event we offer companies to possibility to host a workshop for the attending students. The subjects of the workshops vary each year, as the companies themselves choose it. Some companies opt for soft-skill workshops, while others choose a subject for a specific field. The workshops have an audience of max 30-40 participants. Click here to look at this years workshops and subjects!


Some attendees are actively looking for a (first) job. They might need more than a small conversation with a recruiter at the event. For these attendees we offer speeddates. Companies can opt for speeddates. Beforehand, students will register themselves for speeddates with one or more companies and will give their resume. Your company can then choose with which 6 students they would like to meet and talk for up to 15 minutes. This can be based on the vacancies your company currently has. Click here to look at this year’s companies.

Company login

Looking to update the current vacancies of your company? Or to edit the general information of the company? Or which attendees you are currently looking for? The Leiden Science Career Event offers the possibility for each company to edit its own company page.

If you have forgotten your username and password, or have not received them yet. Please contact our board. Also possible if there are any issues.