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For students

For the 36th edition of the Leiden Science Career Event, block the 18th of March in your calendar! From 10.00 until 16.00 you can visit numerous company stands, visit workshops and participate in speeddates. Enjoy the day including a free lunch and finish off with the network drinks to meet the company of your dreams.

The Company fair of the Leiden Science Career Event.


Each year the Leiden Science Career Events is filled with over 50 stands of companies in different shapes and sizes and active in various fields. Take a look around at the company page to see what the companies have to offer!

A workshop impression


During the Science Career Event 14 workshops are given by different companies. Learn how to get through a job application or how your future career will take shape. Be sure to sign up for the workshops in time!

Speeddate with multiple companies and find the job of your dreams.


During the Science Career Event multiple companies offer the possibility to enter a speeddate with them. Be sure to update your resumé and be sure to sign up in time, as companies need time to choose!


Besides the career event in march, the Bètabanenmarkt Foundation organises an annual Bio Science Park Excursion. During this excursion, which takes place in november, we visit several companies on the Leiden Bio Science Park. This way, students get in touch with the companies surrounding them and they gain new insights in what the BioScience Park can offer them!

BioScience Park Excursion