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Entrepreneurs Café

After the success of the first edition of the Entrepreneurs Café at the 34th edition of the Science Career Event, the Café will make a return this year! Visit the third floor of the Gorleaus on March 13th. Here our partners, active in the business of founding new companies, will be able to inform you on what it means to be an entrepreneur, in an informal setting.

Below you can read more about our partners. Click on a name to go to their website.


Join Lugus! Lugus is a society of student entrepreneurs and supports and facilitates student start-ups. Lugus believes that innovative start-ups are very important for the Dutch economy. "We believe that students are the ones to offer new and innovative solutions for the problems of now and of the future. That is why we help students to start their own company. By combining the knowledge, network and expertise of our society and seasoned entrepreneurs, we help students to realize their idea into a new successful business."

LUGUS logo


PLNT is much more than a location. We are a community! Anyone with a groundbreaking idea is welcome, whether you are a student who wants to work and learn or a young professional who wants to launch or develop a startup. The PLNT community helps you identify and seize opportunities.

PLNT logo

Science Meets Business

Building the bridge between Science and Business, conceptually, but also physically, bringing together scientists, young business professionals, students and (potential) entrepreneurs to share their experiences, knowledges and ideas and stimulate collaborations, innovation and education.

Science meets Business started out with monthly cafes every second Thursday of the month in 2012, founded and run by Christiaan van Gorkum, and has now grown to a collection of initiatives, with more than twenty volunteers in different teams for different projects.

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Luris connects academics of Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) with the market and society at large, in order to make the most of their scientific knowledge.

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BioScience Park

Around 103 dedicated medical life sciences companies and institutions. The largest number of bioscience start-ups in the Netherlands. Several multinationals and internationally acclaimed research institutes.

An excellent environment for your science and business to flourish!

Leiden Bio Science Park logo

Science Career Service

The Science Career Service supports and advises students in their study and career choices, informs them about career opportunities, prepares them for the job market and provides training in the field of career skills. They offer online information, walk-in consultations, workshops and individual counselling sessions.

In addition to the services for students, the Science Career Service also offers expertise and support to programmes that want to strengthen the connection between their curriculum and the job market.

Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON)

ICLON connects theory and practice of teaching through the application of academic knowledge to issues of classroom practice. Also, issues of practice form the starting point for research in, and development of, secondary and higher education.

Alumni Office

Leiden University is proud of her alumni. Alumni contribute in many different ways to the growth and development of the university. The university also contributes to ongoing personal and professional development of her alumni.

International Office

International exchange coordinators can provide you with information about studying abroad. Some faculties and departments have their own international exchange coordinators. You can also speak to staff of the university's International Relations office for general advice and assistance.