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Vianen, Amsterdam, Best, Deventer, Rotterdam en Groningen



Company profile

CIMSOLUTIONS has been providing high-quality and professional ICT consultancy services and software development solutions to the top 500 largest companies in the Netherlands for 30 years.
We apply state-of-the-art ICT concepts and techniques, so that we always offer the optimal solution for our customers. It is not for nothing that our slogan is Learn, create and make it work! With our excellent track record and high customer satisfaction among our renowned customers, CIMSOLUTIONS is your ideal partner.

Relevant studies

  • Computer Sciences
  • Mathematics

Study levels

  • HBO
  • WO

Student backgrounds

  • Dutch


CIMSOLUTIONS biedt twee workshops aan tijdens de Bètabanenmarkt:

Samenwerken in een complexe en technologische omgeving
In een technologisch gedreven wereld worden de verwachtingen steeds hoger. Wat vandaag relevant is, kan morgen zomaar anders zijn. In deze workshop worden jullie meegenomen in manieren hoe je kan samenwerken in deze wereld, en welke principes en werkwijzen je hiervoor kan hanteren.

Brainstorm technieken: Van idee naar product
Worstel je wel eens.. Met draagvlak creëren wanneer je een goed idee hebt? Zaken die aan het begin belangrijk lijken te zijn, blijken toch minder relevant te zijn? Je wilt graag vooruit, maar dat lukt niet en weet het niet helemaal goed te duiden? Deze interactieve workshop maakt gebruik van de kracht van de groep, en helpt je bij deze worstelingen.



If you have just graduated from college or university, you are looking for a challenging job and you want the opportunity to grow quickly. Within CIMSOLUTIONS you can develop yourself quickly both professionally and personally. CIMSOLUTIONS offers you the first career step, with which you continuously get the best out of yourself. Secondment and project implementation in ICT is innovative and learning every time. With us you will continue to grow and you will have the opportunity to gain unique knowledge and experience at various top organizations and internally with us.

Computer Sciences

Internship / graduation

CIMSOLUTIONS offers students of a full-fledged higher professional education or university education (with a strong ICT component) the opportunity to graduate on unique research questions that have never been carried out before. With us you not only learn from professionals, you also contribute your acquired knowledge. Graduating from CIMSOLUTIONS gives you a good start for your future career. And who knows, you may end up employed after your graduation assignment, like many of our colleagues in recent years.

Computer Sciences