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Ortec Finance


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Number of employees



Amsterdam, Rotterdam


Nederland, UK, Zwitserland, Canada

Company profile

Ortec Finance provides financial institutions globally with technology and solutions, using leading software models, to enable people to manage the complexity of investment decision making. With a team of 275 experts in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, United Kingdom, Canada, and Switzerland, we serve our customers completely independently. Many of Ortec Finance’s employees have come directly from University and stay with the company for many years. Typically students start as interns and progress to junior and then senior positions. Career opportunities within Ortec Finance are very broad. You are able to choose your own career pathway depending on your interests and you will be given mentoring, coaching and training courses.

You could be involved in creating new models, designing new features for our applications, web development and UI/UX for our financial software. On the Ortec Finance careers website you will find all the different ‘master thesis subjects’ to give you an idea of our research topics and day-to-day activities.

Ortec Finance is a fast-growing and globally expanding company with big growth ambitions. There are many career opportunities for students to create their own development path based on their career goals.

Student profile

You have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in a technical, science or engineering field. Typical Ortec Finance employees have an education in econometrics, financial economics, mathematics or physics. You have an interest in IT, databases and algorithms. It is advantageous that you have some knowledge of financial markets.

Please take a look at the Ortec Finance careers website for bachelor/master thesis opportunities and internships via: (https://www.ortecfinance.com/en/career#e=0&level=Starter,Student)

Relevant studies

  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Sciences
  • Mathematics

Study levels

  • HBO
  • WO

Student backgrounds

  • Dutch
  • International


Ortec Finance workshop:
In the Game of Homes, your team will advise a housing association that is in danger of going bankrupt if nothing changes. It is your job to implement a strategy (in source code) in which you adjust renting, renovation plans and more. The housing association must become financially healthy without compromising too much on goals such as low rents and high sustainability of houses. Your team's ideas are tested against Ortec Finance's economic scenarios. Beat your opponents, become the best and win the Game of Homes!