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Rabobank is a bank that works for its customers and members. A cooperative bank with an enormous social responsibility. We are one of the largest financial institutions in the world, but we're still very involved at the local level. We are at the heart of society. Our goal is to help customers achieve their goals. In addition, we aim to make a substantial contribution to the well-being and prosperity of people in the Netherlands and to a sustainable global food supply.
Our mission: Growing a better world together
Rabobank is a social bank. Working for Rabobank is a way to make the world just a little better. In big and small ways, we want to help more people become more financially self-reliant and ensure sustainable growth for entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to improving our local environments and are also committed to addressing the global food shortage, step by step. Change takes time, after all.

Student profile

Wanted: Courageous and resilient people
We want you to join us in our efforts to create a world where everyone has plenty of healthy food to eat. And a country where people are happy to live, work, and be enterprising. We are a courageous bunch and we're looking for likeminded people. It takes courage to make a difference in society. And brainpower and resilience.

We're interested in more than just your resume; your mentality is the most important. We want to get to know you, what your ideas are and how you plan to see them through. Are you ready to dedicate your talent to making the world a better place? If so, we'd like to work with you to create a brighter future. For you, the bank, and our customers. Have you got what it takes?
Develop your professional impact
Do you want a career in which you can start making a difference from day 1? Rabobank is the place to do it. For instance, in an internship researching how blockchain technology can improve the food chain. Or as a trainee who does risk assessments for wind farm financing. At Rabobank, we help you to be the best and most effective version of yourself.

Your development is key and we invest in an environment where you learn by doing. Already know what you want to do? We'll give you the space and opportunity. Still figuring it out? We can help. By providing a good balance between free-range and supervised work - with coaching and leadership that inspires you. Enjoy the safety net and network that a strong corporate employer has to offer, along with ample innovation capacity and flexibility.

What do you bring to the table? The right mindset:
Challenge: your peers and yourself
Connect: make new contacts and expand your network
Change: help transform yourself, the bank and the world
Courage: show initiative and perseverance

Relevant studies

  • Computer Sciences
  • Mathematics

Study levels

  • HBO
  • WO

Student backgrounds

  • Dutch
  • International


Rabobank: Let’s build an awesome product together!

Rabobank is the second largest bank in the Netherlands. But did you know that Rabobank is also one of the biggest IT organizations in the Netherlands?
Not only do we need systems to handle enormous amounts of transactions, but almost our entire operations run on various complex IT systems.
Besides these transactions, we also put a lot of effort in delivering the best online services to our customers by developing sophisticated applications.

In this workshop, you will experience how the software development process looks like within Rabobank.
There are many methodologies that can be used for software development and one of the most prominent method is the 'Agile' way of working.
We will explain exactly how the process works and you will also experience this hands-on. So join us and lets build an awesome product together!


For exact details please take a look at the speeddate program.


Junior Cloud Engineer

Imagine you can participate in shaping the future of Rabobank! A responsibility with real impact, which, you contribute to as a Junior Cloud Engineer by driving adoption of Cloud Native Application Designs within Rabobank in the Cloud Competence Center.

Create an impact
As a Cloud engineer, you are responsible for enabling public cloud within Rabobank. You help speeding up the process for DevOps team to go on the cloud by
- Building, optimization and maintenance of the cloud provider platform
- Building cloud components, designing solutions or working on automation
- Undertaking diverse responsibilities and full autonomy
- Growing your knowledge on the complete technology stack (network, security, containers, etc.).
- Working in DevOps team with Agile methodology

With each other
In the Cloud Competence Center, collaboration is our core value. Our team joins forces to make all software and automation processes faster, more agile and more secure.
This new team is the lead of our global Cloud transformation. One of the goals of our team is to make the development twice faster. We achieve the goal by staying focused and always running extra miles for our customers. As a Cloud Engineer, you exchange your perspectives with the team of 30 opinionated colleagues including:

Menno, Cloud Engineer: 'It is incredibly inspiring to be involved in the start of such a fundamental change in the Rabobank IT landscape. We have a huge responsibility to make Public Cloud work within Rabobank and a challenge to lay the foundations for the Rabobank IT of the future. '

With your talents
Customer orientation, enthusiasm and an unstoppable hunger for new technologies is what drives us. In addition, it is nice that you have:
- Knowledge of Cloud infrastructure
- Coding skills
- Agile development / SCRUM knowledge;
- DevOps, Git, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery knowledge.
- Curiosity and eagerness to learn
- Critical thinking and assertiveness
- HBO & WO

At Rabobank
That Rabobank is a financial service provider for 7.1 million customers in 40 countries, you probably already knew. Do you also know that we are working together for a better world? We do this in 101 ways such as:
- We invest heavily in Dutch club life each year. We support around 1250 organizations in sports and culture that are a second home for many people.
- In a project with Humanitas we help people who have financial problems to get their home administration in order.

Our Young Professional Programme IT
Are you getting excited by this opening? Would you be even more interested, if we tell you that you can also focus on your personal growth and with your fresh ideas make an impact on the future of our digital bank?

Join the Young Professional Programme IT and besides working as a Cloud Engineer, you get an 18-month programme where you carry out challenging projects and get personal and professional development trainings. We will help you discover your strengths and challenge you to evolve further. We teach you to form an independent opinion, but also to experience the value of cooperation. With 9 other programme members within IT, you get to also challenge the status quo.

Stefan, Junior Cloud Engineer and Young Professional: “We all share our personal struggles which helps us move forward and learn from each other”.

To know more about the programme: https://rabobank.jobs/en/programs/young-professional-programme-it/

Computer Sciences Mathematics

Young Professional Program IT

How much impact do you want to make?
At Rabobank, we want to be more than a bank. We want to create real change. Clearly, that means starting with ourselves. The Young Professional Program: IT will help launch your career so that you can make a difference. We embrace digital banking to guarantee quality and customer service. The ideas you generate during the program will contribute directly to our mission of ‘Growing a better world together’.

The program
The Young Professional Program: IT focuses on four positions: business analyst, Software developer, Cloud Engineer, BI Developer, etc.. The 18-month program starts with courses in Lean and Scrum methods, influencing skills, communication, and giving and receiving feedback. You will also dive deep into your specialism alongside subject experts. And you will work in groups of 10 on two business cases, one from the Netherlands and one from our global business. These will develop your leadership and project management skills, while helping you grow a broad network.

As you expand your knowledge and work on challenging projects, you’ll be contributing to building a better bank for a better world. At the same time, you’ll become the best version of yourself. We will help you discover your strengths and challenge you to evolve further. We aim to create synergies between young professionals as well as stimulating your individuality and assertiveness. We’ll teach you to develop an independent point of view while experiencing the value of cooperation. You won’t be alone as you learn and discover, take responsibility and reach beyond your comfort zone: a buddy will help you find your way around Rabobank. Your support network will also include a talent manager to coach you, a mentor to guide you, and the nine other members of your young professional team.

Your profile
Do you want to work for a bank that combines a healthy focus on profit with the aim of using digitalization to grow a better world? Check out the knowledge, mindset and skills we’re looking for.

- A bachelor’s or master’s degree and affinity with ICT or business information systems
- Zero to two years’ work experience
- Excellent command of English
- Challenge: your peers and yourself
- Connect: with yourself, colleagues, other departments, clients and society
- Change: help transform yourself, the bank and the world
- Courage: show initiative and perseverance

You strive to achieve results in ways that are inspiring and unique. You always keep the interests of our customers top of mind. What motivates you is to continue growing in your role as business analyst, software developer, UX designer or product owner. Your capacity for unflinching self-reflection plays an important role. Your purpose is to develop yourself and be the difference for others.

What can you expect in return?
In a word: impact. You will learn all about digitalization at a leading bank by solving real-life issues and making choices. You will witness the results of your work, results that make the world that bit better or more sustainable. You will be doing what you think is important and have the opportunity to do the things you enjoy, with an attractive salary and flexible working hours.

Do you want to combine your personal and professional development with building a better digital bank?

Computer Sciences Mathematics