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PLNT Leiden centre for innovation and entrepreneurship


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Company profile

The place today for the makers of tomorrow.

The creator of tomorrow sees opportunities and seizes them with both hands. The creator comes up with innovative ideas that contribute to a better world. That creator is you.

PLNT is here to help you take the first steps towards the future. We have everything in-house to develop your ideas, and grow yourself into an entrepreneur of tomorrow.

Student profile

Interesting for all students who are ready to graduate and enter the job market.

Relevant studies

  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Sciences
  • Bio-Pharmacy
  • Biology
  • Health
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics

Study levels

  • HBO
  • WO
  • PhD

Student backgrounds

  • Dutch
  • International


Using Design Thinking techniques to map out your ideal job!

One of the biggest sought after skills in employees now a days is the ability to work innovatively, to be flexible to think like an entrepreneur (even if you do not wish to set up a company). But how do you do this? Design Thinking is one of the most widely used methodologies, and sough after skills, in the world today.

During this workshop we will give you as taste of how to use these techniques to map out your ideal first job! In an interactive way we will have you think about what your ideal job would look like as well as your ideal employer!