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The Netherlands, US, Brazil, China, India, Argentina, Australia, South Africa

Company profile

Incotec is the seed enhancement specialist. Through seed technology we improve the performance and resilience of seeds which leads to a better crop result. We work with seed for field crops and vegetables. The seed enhancement work we do, contributes significantly to the development of sustainable agriculture. Our solutions support the huge efforts of seed companies, breeders, growers and farmers all over the world.

Student profile

Do you want your job to really make a difference? Working with a company in a sector that matters? Our products and services for seed enhancement contribute to feeding the growing global population - in a sustainable way. At Incotec we work together as an enthusiastic team in an international setting. The corporate culture is informal. We look at each individual and their capacities and we understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Relevant studies

  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Computer Sciences
  • Bio-Pharmacy
  • Biology
  • Life Sciences

Study levels

  • HBO
  • WO
  • PhD

Student backgrounds

  • Dutch
  • International