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‘For Life Sciences people by Life Sciences people’ that’s what Talentmark stands for. We offer a full spectrum of recruitment solutions for the Life Sciences industry. Talentmark’s consultative approach enables us to effectively apply our services to all operational areas, job functions and roles; this can range from providing interim managers or executive interims to operators and lab scientists. This means that we can guide you throughout your whole career; from your first starters’ job all the way up to the last big promotion you would want to make until you retire.

To be purpose-led as a company requires crystal clarity on what value your business brings to the world. At Talentmark we have more than 50 years of purpose-led commitment to helping Life Sciences organizations transform human health. Our vision for the future is to contribute to the on-going innovation and development of important therapies and technologies that will improve quality of life and to help people live longer and healthier lives. We take pride in our values and take even more pride in guiding you to the job that suits your values best.

Our purpose-led approach means that we are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes to thrive and grow. For an emerging company developing a new drug or device, putting in place finding the right CEO to help steer the business into its next phase of growth is mission critical. In the same way that precision medicine takes a personalized approach at Talentmark we offer the personal touch you would expect from a small company, with the international reach of a larger one for maximum effectiveness.

Student profile

Talentmark is specialized in finding top talent for Life Sciences companies. We'll able to help you find a job in various locations and divisions within the Life Sciences fields. We are looking for students and starters in our Clinical Research, Medical Affairs or Drug Safety functions. Whether you're recent graduate or a experienced professional, we can help you find the right fit for your skills and interests.

We also welcome students from the business specializations who are interested in working in Sales functions. While we may not always have open positions at the time of your application, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. Please feel free to submit your application, and we will keep your details on file for future opportunities. Thank you for considering us as your potential employer in the exciting and growing field of the Life Sciences industry.

Relevant studies

  • Chemistry
  • Bio-Pharmacy
  • Biology
  • Life Sciences

Study levels

  • HBO
  • WO
  • PhD

Student backgrounds

  • Dutch


Your future career: Academia or Industry?

As a PhD researcher or a Master student, you are busy with your project, but have you already thought about your future?
Only 8% of all PhD graduates will have a permanent career (and contract) in Academia.
Concerning a job in industry, you have probably many questions, what kind of jobs are available, how are they called, where can you find those jobs, what are your transferable skills, etc.
During the Talentmark workshop we will answer your questions, based on our daily contacts with industry.
This will support you in making your choice for Academia or industry.


For exact details please take a look at the speeddate program.


Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA)

A CTA position is the first step you will take towards becoming a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). In this position you will be introduced to all administrative and support tasks involved in clinical research. Think about managing the Trial Master File (TMF), filing paperwork, keeping in touch with research centers over the phone, and supporting the Clinical Research department generally. At some companies there are opportunities to grow into a CRA position.
Synonyms: Clinical Trial Coordinator; Clinical Trial Administrator; Clinical Study Associate; Inhouse CRA

As a Clinical Trial Assistant, you hold different responsibilities related to your academic background. Here is a summary of education and skills requirements that a vacancy may mention, as a general guide:
• completed medical, pharmaceutical or a higher level (bachelor or master) in Life Sciences;
• excellent computer skills;
• excellent organisational skills;
• knowledge of medical terminology;
• knowledge of GCP (Good Clinical Practices);
• good communication skills in Dutch and English.

Bio-Pharmacy Biology Life Sciences

Product Specialist

As a product specialist, you are accountable for the sales performance and market share growth of the (pharmaceutical) products under your purview in your territory. You converse with first- or second-line healthcare professionals such the general practitioner, regional pharmacist, medical specialist, and hospital pharmacist. You make sure that the sales plan is carried out in accordance with national and deduced regional targets. It is important that you build and maintain a strong, personal network.
synonyms: Sales representative, Product representative

You will need to hold a completed HBO /WO (bachelor’s) education for example in biomedical, marketing or commercial economics. In general you will need the following competences:
• an interest in the Life Sciences industry and market developments, preferably with experience as a Key Account Manager or Sales Representative;
• a good command of Dutch and English, and an effective negotiator;
• a driven personality and a dynamic team player with a customer-oriented attitude, including strong networking abilities;
• a self-starter with project management skills and able to monitor deadlines;
• be resident in the region where you will be working, if applicable;
• during onboarding you will gain insides in your insides in your and competitor products, law, regulations and general pharmaceutical knowledge (AMK = in Dutch).

Bio-Pharmacy Biology Health Life Sciences

Medical Science Liaison (MSL)

As an MSL you are part of the Medical Affairs department. In this role you are medically involved in the therapeutic area for which you are responsible. You know the ins and outs of the therapeutic area and the treatments, know the developments, keep up with the literature and attend conferences. You spend a few days a week traveling and you are the substantive sparring partner for healthcare professionals who are regarded as opinion leaders in their field. Sometimes you create awareness for a disease or a treatment or perhaps you set up a clinical study together. You will regularly give presentations and training sessions. In short, it is a medically substantive position for scientists with strong communication skills.
Synonyms: Regional Medical Advisor; Regional Medical Liaison; Field Medical Advisor

You will need a completed biomedical or medical study at master’s or PhD level as this is strongly preferred, depending on the organisation. On top of this, you will need the following skills and attributes:
• knowledge of CGR and GCP guidelines;
• project management skills;
• interest in the pharmaceutical industry and market developments;
• good communication skills in Dutch and English;
• strategic and analytical flair;
• a driving licence.

Bio-Pharmacy Biology Life Sciences

Drug Safety Officer (DSO)

As a DSO, your role is one of reporting adverse effects (AEs) and side effects, in accordance with the current Dutch and European legislation for pharmacovigilance. Your responsibility in this position is to gather all the data necessary to record a side effect in the company's global database. In this job, you frequently communicate via phone or email with physicians, pharmacists, or patients. They will be questioned in order to have a thorough understanding of the side effect. In case of regularly recurring side effects, these will be included in the package leaflet.
Synonyms: Pharmacovigilance Associate; Drug Safety Associate, Patient Safety Specialist

Starting out as a Drug Safety Officer, you will need to have completed a bachelor or master’s degree in a biomedical or biopharmaceutical field. On top of this, personal skills required include:
• excellent computer skills;
• good communication and writing skills in Dutch and English;
• a sound knowledge of medical terminology.

Bio-Pharmacy Biology Life Sciences

Laboratory Technician

As a Laboratory Technician, you will perform routine laboratory work for various intermediate and final products in the Quality Control department. These are mainly immunological and biochemical tests, such as sample reprocessing and incubation tests. The main technique used is the Single Radial Diffusion test (type of ELISA) on influenza vaccine samples. You will also be involved in performing statistical analysis on the results and elaborate the result in a clear report. So, you are responsible for the whole process. In addition to this, you may also work on certain projects to automate various operations. Besides performing routine analyses, (method) validation work may also be part of your duties. Since the influenza virus is subject to mutations, the composition of the influenza vaccine changes every six months. Hereby, the SRD method also needs to be redesigned and validated every year. All this makes up for a dynamic work environment where no two days are the same.
You will need a completed bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences. On top of this, expect the following skills and attributes to be of worth in this role:
• knowledge of GMP guidelines;
• knowledge of, and experience with ELISA;
• interest for pharmaceutical laboratory processes;
• good oral and verbal communication skills in Dutch and English;
• analytical skills;;
• a driving licence.

Bio-Pharmacy Biology Life Sciences