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Zoetermeer, Amsterdam, Groningen


Europe, the United States, Australia and Brazil

Company profile

We are ORTEC, a purpose-driven organization changing businesses and society at large through the power of data-driven mathematical optimization. We make businesses more efficient, more predictable and more effective. Turning complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions.

ORTEC’s products and services result in optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning and warehouse control. ORTEC offers stand-alone, custom-made and SAP® certified and embedded solutions, supported by strategic partnerships.

We serve clients in almost every industry. And with 17 offices strategically located across 4 continents, we can deliver solutions on a global scale. Always underpinned by local know-how and service.

Working at ORTEC
ORTEC is an ambitious organization. Since our founding in 1981, we have grown to employ over 1000 people at locations in Europe, the United States, Australia and Brazil. Most of our employees began working with us after completing their studies. The average ORTEC employee has a technical master's or bachelor's degree, a strongly developed capacity for analytical thinking and the drive to understand problems and then to solve them. The company’s organizational structure is flat, with short lines of communication. The atmosphere is open and informal, which forms an excellent basis for a productive working environment.

You are invited to attend social activities organized by our employees' association, and the Friday afternoon drinks in our own ORTap. Furthermore, an excursion for your department or ORTEC as a whole is organized annually, such as the Christmas breakfast or a barbecue at one of the founders’ homes. And in addition to the (Young) Professionals Development Program, each month Young ORTEC organizes activities to help develop your talent, increase your knowledge and expand your network.

Students and starters
We are always looking for ambitious students/starters who have affinity with IT, optimization and logistics. There are different possibilities for students. As a student you can do a graduation internship and/or work part-time as a student assistant.

If you are interested in working at ORTEC, you can send your resume, motivation and grades list to recruitment@ortec.com. Give a clear indication about the period and specialization you are looking for in the (graduation) internship or part-time job. For more information you can contact Anouk de Winter or Larissa Ravenhorst (Recruiters).

Relevant studies

  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Computer Sciences
  • Health
  • Mathematics

Study levels

  • HBO
  • WO

Student backgrounds

  • Dutch
  • International


Open application graduate internship

We are always looking for talented people who want to create value for society by doing their graduation project at ORTEC. Do you have a specific idea about your graduation project and does this fit within ORTEC’s scope? Send us an email with your CV, motivation, and idea to recruitment@ortec.com.

• You are studying at a Dutch university;
• You are in your last year of your Bachelor’s or Masters;
• You are available for 6 months;
• You are eager to learn and achieve results;
• You master the English language on a professional level, both verbally as well as written. Speaking and writing Dutch is a plus.

• Join our company and improve the world;
• Enjoy an open, kind and fun culture with possibility to work partly remote;
• Excellent supervision during your project from your supervisor;
• Good internship allowance and a laptop;
• Activities with all graduate students at ORTEC, like Friday afternoon drinks.

For more information about ORTEC, please visit our website ortec.com

Physics and Astronomy Computer Sciences Health Mathematics

Master (thesis) internship: Computing shortest paths & machine learning in route optimization

Computing shortest paths in graphs is essential in ORTEC's routing software. Before operational plans can be created in industries such as parcel, e-grocery, or field service, it is necessary to know the best routes between all considered addresses. Finding these best routes involves several layers of complexity, as the time and distance travelled are affected by factors such as the time of day, traffic jams, road blockages and different types of vehicles.

To find these routes ORTEC uses cutting-edge algorithms focused on accuracy, speed, stability, and scalability. We also employ machine learning models that use customer data to predict realistic travel times.

We continuously strive to improve these models and to stay up to date with academic insights. We are therefore very eager to work with a talented master’s student on a thesis and/or as a student assistant. We have several suitable thesis topics available and will discuss our ideas with you to find a topic that excites both you and the team. Examples include, but are not limited to, studying the effect of the current traffic situation on the estimated travel time and investigating alternatives to (elements of) our current shortest path algorithm.
After studying the academic literature on this topic, you will address it by developing a new model, algorithm, or tool, or by extending our existing ones. Finally, you can test your approach using real-life data. During this process, you will be supported by an ORTEC supervisor who is part of the team working on computing shortest routes.

• You are studying for a master's degree in the field of computer science, operations research, mathematics, machine learning, or other similar areas.
• You are curious and like to get to the bottom of a problem.
• You have experience with traditional operations research algorithms and problems, such as metaheuristics, local search methods and/or routing problems.
• You have work/academic experience where you independently built working applications, prototypes, or proof of concepts.
• You have good coding skills (preferably OOP) in at least one programming language and enjoy optimizing your code (e.g. speed, memory usage, multi-threading).
• You can communicate fluently in English, verbally and in writing.
• You are available for a minimum of six months.

• Join our company and improve the world
• Enjoy an open, kind and fun culture with the possibility to work partly remote.
• Active employee association with fun activities with colleagues
• We help you to #stayhealthy, to #stayeffective and to #stayconnected: we organize both online and offline activities such as pub quizzes, online sports events, social calls with colleagues, and more.
• Excellent supervision during your project from your supervisor (Manager Corporate Communications) and the rest of the team.
• Good internship allowance and a laptop
• Activities with all graduate students at ORTEC, like Friday afternoon drinks

Computer Sciences Mathematics

Traineeship Software Engineering (available from september 2023)

As a Trainee Software Engineering at ORTEC you will be in the unique position to experience and explore the many facets of being a Software Engineer at ORTEC.

During a period of two years you will operate in different teams in organization. Discover what it is like to build a product that is used by many customers across the globe and how it feels to implement a tailored made solution for one specific customer. You will work on different parts of the applications such as back end, front end and algorithms which enables you to become a versatile and effective software engineer. You have the opportunity to work with different development languages like C#, Python and SQL. If you don’t know them yet, internal courses will help you to get on track and you can trust on the expertise of your colleagues and learn from them.

In your time as trainee you will be guided by a performance manager. Together you will focus not only on your hard-skill developments as a software engineer, but also on the development of your soft-skills as young professional. After two years you will have a good understanding of what type of work gives you energy. As a result of the multiple projects you did, you know many people within the organization. This will enable both you and us to find the right place for you to further your career within ORTEC.

A young professional (0-2 years of working experience) with a bachelor or master in Computer Science, Econometrics, Operations Research, Mathematics or a related subject. You have a passion for both software engineering and mathematics.

Furthermore you have/are
• Able to handle high complexity and work in a team,
• Conscientious in staying abreast of new developments,
• Passionate about IT, it’s not just your job
• An ambitious professional who is challenged by working in a new and unfamiliar environment
• Programming skills such as C#, C++, Java or similar
• Experience with modeling is an advantage
• Curious, flexible and able to quickly come to the essence of a problem or a situation
• Able to fluently communicate in English (verbally and in writing)

• Entrance to the most passionate powerhouse in applied mathematics
• Join our movement and improve the world
• Enjoy an open, kind and fun culture
• NS Business Card 100%, NS Business Card, lease opportunity or commuting allowance: it’s your choice
• Mobility allowance of 3% of your base salary
• 25 annual leave days, additional days from the age of 35
• Result related remuneration
• Active employee association for fun activities with colleagues and content driven Young ORTEC for you to join
• Football table, our own bar the “ORtap”, Christmas party, annual barbecue at one of our founders’ home, and much more
• Year-end bonus equal to a full month’s pay
• We believe in commitment: your permanent contract will be waiting for you

Physics and Astronomy Computer Sciences Mathematics