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Privacy Policy

Since the 25th of May 2018 a new law on privacy is in effect in the Netherlands and the whole of Europe: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For the Foundation Bètabanenmarkt and her partners this has an effect on several groups, which will be discussed below.

Website visitor:

From every person that visits our website, anonymous statistics are gathered via Google Analytics. These statistics are gathered under the approval of the new GDPR law.


The Foundation Bètabanenmarkt collects personal data from the participants to inform them about the event Bètabanenmarkt and other career developing activities organised by our Foundation. We ask participants the following personal data: First and last name, email address, phone number and field of study. Furthermore, users can upload their cv to our database. This cv will only be shared with the companies specified in the form. These data will be deleted from the database half a year after the event, at the latest. Besides these data, several anonymous data will be saved tot generate statistics and the event. This is done with the goal to improve our activities and will not be traceable back to the participants.

Companies / recruiters:

For the companies and recruiters connected to the Foundation Bètabanenmarkt, we collect personal contact information, such as personal phone numbers or email addresses. If these data are not provided in the context of a long term relation with the foundation, explicit consent will be asked during the application to enter the data into the database of the Foundation. When this consent is not given, this information will not be entered into the database.


The only moment when the Foundation Bèta Banenmarkt will deviate from the Privacy Policy stated above, is when this is legally required and then this will be explicitly stated during the gathering of the information.

When you want to know which information on you or your company is present in our database, or when you want to delete all your information from our database. Please email us: privacy@betabanenmarkt.nl